Here is the secret to being a great couponer

A lot of people find the idea that money can be actually saved while shopping their heart out extremely contradictory. “I mean, they are just two different things”, says Lisa, 38. Infact she thinks that when she goes binge shopping, she blows out a whole wad of her savings never to expect them to come back. The idea that someone can indeed save a lot of money when they go shopping may sound very alien to some. Confused? Are you also like Lisa who thinks that both these things just cannot co-exist? Think again!

Practicing couponing:

Money can be saved even while you shop if you practice the fine art of couponing. When you start couponing, you will realize that every dollar counts. Analogically speaking, just like a water body gets filled drop by drop, so also every dollar can add up to a very big sum at the end of a few months or even a year.

Couponing is famous world over:

The practice of couponing is not limited to any one geographical country or location. It is in today’s times, a very widespread practice and rightly so. People have started realizing the real value of money especially after the great recession of 2008-09. Couponing has helped a lot of people world over to make great savings inspite of enabling them to shop whatever and however they want. Sometimes, even buying luxurious things may not sound so exorbitant when you have the right coupons available on

Here is a low down on couponing: Coupons look similar to tickets that may be collected from various sources like magazines, newspapers, and catalogues and product promotion flyers. Nowadays, coupons are also found on boxes and carton packaging of the product itself. The most recent breakthrough is of course the online coupons that are available on various coupon collecting sites.

Couponing in the olden days:           
Even a decade ago, people who were serious about saving money on their groceries or household knock knacks, why, even luxuries diligently sat sifting newspapers and magazines and scouring piles of mails to get hold of great promotion or offers available to them in their part of the city. Some even go to the extent of forming support groups and clubs for couponing where if any person finds a coupon that is not going to be of any use to them then he might as well pass it to someone who will find a use for it. These kind of clubs and support groups are dime a dozen on the internet and if you would like to become a member of such a group, you may key in your location to search for one nearest to your place of stay!

What does one do with the collected coupons? The coupon that is clipped and collected needs to be produced at the teller or the billing counter of the departmental store or the grocery store where the weekly or monthly shopping is done. The rebate offered on the coupons is then made applicable if the person has shopped products, for which he has collected the coupons, 

Why are the coupons coded?

The coupons individually carry codes on them. The bar code on the coupon is not there arbitrarily but the system is in place for a lot of reasons. Scanning the bar code of the coupon and also scanning the bar code of the product sold, an entry is directly made in to the invoice of the customer as well as the store’s inventory record. This is particularly important because it will later help the store get reimbursements from the manufacturer and traders.

It is prudence to inform the cashier about the coupons:

It is a great idea to inform the cashier beforehand that you have coupons to exchange. This helps him get in to the state of mind as exchanging coupons at the counter can be rather tedious and time consuming. It will also tell the cashier to tell the shoppers in the line behind you to take the next billing counter as billing someone who has coupons to exchange may take a tad bit longer than the others.

Shopping Coupons

The code on the coupon helps the cashier to directly scan the coupon along with the billing of the product. Thus saving a lot of time at the cashier's desk.

Discount Codes

The usage of the coupon also gets registered alongside the discount and the procurement price of the product against which the coupon is used.

Online Shopping

The cashier needs to only check physically if the coupon is torn or dilapidated. Otherwise, the validity of the coupon can be known the second cashiers.

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