About Us

Let us introduce ourselves as one who will not only let you shop properly but also someone who will effectively help you save bundles of cash while you are scouring the aisles of the departmental store looking for the best bargains on home products and groceries.

The best deal guarantee:

As a commitment towards helping the community save a little more everyday thereby being able to make a big saving in the long term, we honestly dedicate ourselves in giving our best research to the cause so that the customer can clinch the very best deal for himself.

Print-able coupons:

We understand that much as it is important for you to save money, you neither can afford to stipulate the required time at hand no do you have any inclination to scour through hundreds of pages on the internet and snail mail for offers. Your home and your job take away all the time and energy and you rather pay more than expend more energy!

No worries,

We believe that money saved is like money earned and we can partner with you in helping you save enough money to start looking like a big sum at the end of a period say one year.
We cover everything:

From the smallest item to the Uber luxurious, we have a coupon for every product on your shopping list. Want to buy that exquisite designer jewellery in the shop window but find the price killing? No problem. We have a coupon that will easily slash the price by 25%. It cannot get better than this.

We are web based:

Since we are web based, the app need not be downloaded. Additionally, it will open in any device with which you log in. We have been getting rave reviews for or app and feedback that is encouraging as well as striving us to give it our best shot in the upkeep and update of the given information. We serve you everything in a platter: With the app, there is no more clipping: Say bye-bye to the conventional coupon cutting. Now instead of going snip, we recommend that you go click-click-click!


Shopping Coupons

The code on the coupon helps the cashier to directly scan the coupon along with the billing of the product. Thus saving a lot of time at the cashier's desk.

Discount Codes

The usage of the coupon also gets registered alongside the discount and the procurement price of the product against which the coupon is used.

Online Shopping

The cashier needs to only check physically if the coupon is torn or dilapidated. Otherwise, the validity of the coupon can be known the second cashiers.

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